Thirty-Four, a magical number for the crew of s/v Bluewater, arbitrary and incredibly important, the countdown to the launch of Bluewater stands at 34 days. As the darkness of the Alaskan winter starts to fade into the bright light of the far north’s … [Read more]

2010 – Day One. Undersail.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Last year is gone. There is only the future. Past successes and failures are meaningless, they only weigh us down. We take only what we should, forging into the unknown with only our wits and … [Read more]

Photo of the Week – Susanna’s Ski Skirt!

Susanna in her Ski Skirt - Photo by Michael J. Sharp For Christmas I made Susanna a fleece ski skirt with matching hat, mittens and scarf. I hoped that she would wear it telemarking and touring. She wears it so much, that I think I will have to … [Read more]

Photo of the Week – Berry Woman

Susanna has Evolved - Into a Berry Bush - Photo by Al Sharp Turns out your mother was right! If you eat too much of one thing you will turn into it. Susanna has a love of all berries. She ate so many that she has now turned into a berry bush! … [Read more]

Photo of The Week – Sculpin: Shrimp Thief

Denizen of the Deep - A Sculpin - Photo by Michael Sharp The summer of 2008 was full of surprises. While shrimping in Northwestern Fiord, the trap brought up more than the tasty Spot Prawns we expected. A sculpin had entered the trap, and only he … [Read more]